I first came across Geerd Harmer when I was studying to become a Cognitive Therapist. Over a period of 10 years, this German Doctor and founder of German New Medicine studied thousands of cancer patients and was able to attribute individual cancer triggers to unresolved significant emotional events. He was not alone in his findings, Dr Douglas Brodie founder of the Reno Integrative Medical Centre in Nevada agreed with him. In fact, Geerd Harmer went so far as to conclude that each represented location of cancer in the body has an emotional connection attributed to it.

There are now a number of medical practitioners within the field of Oncology who all agree that this emotional trauma occurs around 2 years before any clear diagnosis is made. Usually these events are sudden or beyond the person’s control putting a huge amount on the bodily systems which serves as the trigger event for cancer developing. According to Dr Brodie there appears to be a typical type of person more susceptible to cancer, often showing a craving for approval and suppressing their own emotions

What has been further demonstrated by these doctors’ findings is that at the cellular level there are a number of toxic emotions which when become suppressed fuel the onset of cancer forming. These key negative emotions appear to be a form of Anger, Grief, Resentment and Hate.

Understanding what was going on in your life before the Cancer diagnosis is crucial, after which we can begin the journey to uncover the buried toxic emotions and remove them, which in turn begins the healing, process. Its negative emotions that begin the process and its positive emotions that begin the road to recovery.

As Christians when we prayed the prayer of faith asking Christ into our heart we understood the significance of Calvary and how it offers us forgiveness. In similarity forgiveness play a very important part in the healing both of our mind and of bodies as well. Christ’s death provides us life, both spiritual and physical. We do not need to ask what his will is regarding illness or believe that somehow it is God’s will to suffer as Calvary then becomes devalued.

As a Child of God, it is vital to tap into God’s word and not allow the fear of this disease to take hold within your heart. GP’s follow statistics, so when they pronounce you have so much time to live it is according to figures, statistics and medical understanding. However often the diagnosis of Cancer itself serves as another emotional event, accepting a prognosis begins an unconscious count down internally. God has other plans for you my friend. The bible tells us that perfect love drives out all fear and by Jesus’ stripes we are healed. In allowing, the love of Jesus to take hold of your situation will extinguish the fiery darts of fear. Start by telling your GP that you do not accept his diagnosis and that you have faith to believe that Christ will heal you. This testimony alone will increase your faith and the bible says that faith pleases God.


Please do get in touch with me if you are affected by Cancer or any other serious illness and I will be willing to spend time with you in prayer, guiding, encouraging and working with you to achieve your emotional and physical healing.

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