Tree by Pool - Christian Emotional Healing

I have long recognised the link between our emotions and our health and well-being  After reading The Molecules of Emotions by Candace Pert the scientific evidence was finally there for everyone to read.
Evidence shows that our emotional mindset and our body are not separate entities but are linked and each can affect the other.

Several months ago I suddenly woke in the middle of the night when God clearly brought to my mind 6 names of Christian women all suffering with one common ailment. I knew immediately that all these women had experienced abusive marriages and realised their common ailment wasn’t coincidental. I am certain this event was God’s way of encouraging me in my new venture of emotional healing therapy.

Personally I am troubled in just how many Christians have medicine and pill boxes that would rival Mount Everest!
I know many Christians who suffer from a range of illnesses including depression, phobias, to often more debilitating illnesses such as Fibromyalgia and Rheumatoid Arthritis.  These are typical examples of ailments that are often triggered by suppressed negative emotions.

God says he is the one that heals us and that was made possible by sending his son to fulfill the prophecy of the Old testament.   The life that Jesus promises to bring to us as believers isn’t just a spiritual life, it is a life free of disease and sickness too. Jesus spent a good 25% of his three years healing the sick!  There is absolutely no doubt that Jesus wants us to be disease free.

How we pray is key to our faith rising to believe for our healing. Jesus tells us in John that he is willing to heal so there is no need to pray if it is God’s will or words to that effect – Jesus has already told us it is!

I hear people tell me that they have been prayed for many times by church members, prayer teams, pastors etc but so often the prayer is for physical healing. A gift of discernment is key to effective prayer for healing as understanding the root causes of any illness is vital.

I have briefly outlined the 4 key steps in achieving emotional healing which in turn will produce a far more effective outcome for complete physical healing. Remember our faith plays an equally important part too in determining a successful outcome.

Step 1 Accountability
The process begins as soon as you take responsiblity for all the negative feelings and emotions that you have been carrying around inside.  Typically not wanting to talk about it or denying your illness is linked to past emotional experiences is a form of self-denial and counter productive.  These individuals will probably tend to have a personality trait that is distorted, perceived by others  to be impassive, unemotional and often unapproachable and dismissive. These are common traits which is a typical protective mechanism to shield them from what is really going on within their mindset.

Step 2 Honesty
Make a list of all the negative thoughts and feelings that you have covered up over the years. Often these will have resurfaced when circumstances occur reminding you of past negative events.
This wont be a pleasant experience in revisiting past emotions, however they have been buried over the years and by bringing them to the light is in itself unburdening and will bring relief.

3. Reconciliation
Forgiveness is one of the most powerful traits that can release and unburden long-standing negative mindsets. Forgiving a person or persons who have wronged you is hard but essential for the healing process. Often it is such a hard thing that I advocate that you ask the Lord Jesus to stand in your place and do it for you. In addition asking Jesus to forgive you for holding onto these pent-up negative feelings (a form of self denial) is also important.      Go through your list of negative feelings and thoughts, naming each one out loud asking Jesus to free you. You may want to do this with a prayer partner

Step 4 Healing
Seek out a mature christian, Elder or Pastor who has a healing ministry. Explain what you have achieved to date and ask for prayer to consolidate the emotional healing.  After which ask them to pray laying hands on you for physical healing. Name each illness out loud rebuking Satan’s hold over you through the blood of the Lord Jesus.