To Everything,there is a Season and a Time to every Purpose under the Heaven (Ecclesiastes 3 vs. 1) When we visualise seasons we see summer as radiant sunshine colours mingled with fragrance and life. Autumn as a glorious transformation of hues of orange and gold. Winter as crisp shades of icy whiteness, and spring as…

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Due to the misconception and scepticism surrounding Cognitive Therapy the following questions and answers will help to allay fears and encourage further insight into the benefits of this therapy.   So what briefly is Cognitive Therapy? Cognitive denotes thinking or thought process. This therapy recognises the mind is invisibly formed of two parts, the conscious and…

Faith as Small as a Mustard Seed

Please can I make a plea to all church ministry teams, Evangelists, Preachers, Teachers and any person involved with speaking to Churches and Christian congregations. Do not preach anything that is not directed or prompted by the Holy Spirit. Failing that it is carnal, it may be biblically based but it’s just comforting words with no power or life changing fire. Your words are your words not God’s and often involve personal opinions, values and beliefs that dilute believer’s faith.

Here are some examples of misguided beliefs circulating amongst believers and churches today

Healing was just for the disciples day, it’s not relevant for today’s society

We all have to die of something so just learn to be humbled by the experience

 Miracles don’t really happen today

In John 14 verse 12 we read Jesus’ words:- “Anyone who has faith in me will do the things that I have been doing, he will do even greater things than these”

Listen to how Smith Wigglesworth describes faith:-

“We may think we have Faith in God, but we must not doubt in our hearts. Faith is an inward operation of the divine power that dwells in the contrite heart and can lay hold of things not seen. Faith is a divine act; faith is God in the soul. God operates by his Son and transforms the natural into the supernatural.

Faith is active, never dormant. Faith lays hold; faith is the hand of God; faith is the power of God. Faith never fears, faith lives amid the greatest conflict; faith moves even things that cannot be moved. God fills us with His divine power, and sin is dethroned. “The just shall live by faith” (Rom. 1:17). You cannot live by faith until you are just and righteous. You cannot live by faith if you are unholy or dishonest.”

Abraham was a man who pleased God, why? quite simply because he walked and lived by faith. The bible tells us it is impossible to please God without faith, this may explain why so many prayers remain unanswered.

Our Lord Jesus has not changed, he is the same and will always be the same. The same Lord who said “I am willing”. Complete strangers healed by his touch or his word, how much more does our personal saviour want to heal our emotional and physical needs today.



Optimisation = Brokenness

For several weeks now since the launch of my website http://christianemotionalhealing I’ve been reading and learning how to optimise my site in Google. It’s been an enjoyable and challenging learning curve, a world of discovery involving Indexing, Site Maps, Meta Tags and Yoast. There are loads of companies out there who charge a huge amount…


It’s so wonderful when the Holy Spirit reveals truths and insights to our heart isn’t it. Often others have already discovered these truths but when it’s imparted to us it’s at a deep personal level to encourage and bless us. Way before God told me to create Christian Emotional Healing I had an inner desire…

Welcome to Christian Emotional Healing

Welcome to Christian Emotional Healing. Not long after qualifying as a Cognitive Hypnotherapist in January 2012 God laid on my heart a burden to help, encourage and restore hurting Christians utilising the concepts of my training but utilising a biblical God centred approach. Christian Emotional Healing is therefore being created out of this burden, it…