To Everything,there is a Season and a Time to every Purpose under the Heaven (Ecclesiastes 3 vs. 1)


When we visualise seasons we see summer as radiant sunshine colours mingled with fragrance and life. Autumn as a glorious transformation of hues of orange and gold. Winter as crisp shades of icy whiteness, and spring as heralding new life emerging from winter slumber. How lovely when regardless of season we can still experience springtime blessings in our heart.

New beginnings herald new blessings, recently Rich and I started attending Tonbridge Baptist Church, it has been lovely meeting new people, and the welcome we have received to date has been amazing. To hear testimonies from others is such a powerful tool in bringing others to the Lord, hearing how lives are transformed speaks volumes to hurting hearts.

I am passionate about hurting lives being transformed for God’s purposes.  Illness, depression, anxiety and fear are some of Satan’s weapons he heaps on us which stop us being effective in our lives for others. Of course, we do not realise that at the time, every day is a battle to keep our heads above water. Often we pretend that we are ok when inside we are an anxious, fearful mess.

Christian Emotional Healing is all about transforming minds. Anyone who has met me will know how passionate I am about my therapy; in fact you cannot shut me up talking about it. I make no apology for this. The reason why is that I have seen lives transformed; I have seen people arrive broken and despondent and leave invigorated, full of joy and hope.

Smith Wigglesworth said, “Dare to Believe”. I believe Jesus changes lives. Jesus tells us that he is the way, the truth, and the life. His ministry was all about touching lives and healing both the physical as well as the emotional. He has not changed; we read that he is the same yesterday today and forever.Jesus is able to do more than we ever can imagine, every situation you find yourself going through does not happen by accident. Purposes are being worked out. My husband will tell you that the word” lucky” is not part of my vocabulary, you see I know that all things are orchestrated by a much higher spiritual plan, so much so our feeble carnal minds cannot even start to comprehend this!

If you are experiencing winter, whether it’s illness, depression, anxiety or any other emotional trauma ; I pray that the Lord will gently guide you through to the summer warmth of his love.If I can help in any way in making this happen for you please do get in contact.