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 About Me – Kate Lake

I live in Charcott, a pretty little Hamlet in West Kent with my husband Richard and two dogs and cats. The majority of my career was in Sales until 2012 when I decided to train as a Cognitive Hypnotherapist.

As a Christian I saw this as a a big step to take due to the many connotations associated with this type of therapy. However instead  I discovered an amazing journey into mind sets and how as adults we are influenced by our past.

I began seeing clients shortly after qualifying but it soon became apparent that something didn’t feel right. It was wonderful being able to help so many people however I felt uncomfortable empowering the changes in my clients. Love plays such a factor in contributing to our negative thoughts and emotions just as Christ’s love is the key to resolving them.

In 2013, I was privileged to help a Christian friend suffering with Cancer. This lady was able to open up to me with an array of emotional torments that had blighted her walk with God. By praying through these issues and using biblical based visualisation  God ministered to her and healed her of her cancer. That was when God laid a burden on my heart to help other Christians struggling with unwanted emotional issues and so my idea for Christian Emotional Healing was born.


This is my affirmation statement both as a Christian and Therapist

I believe in the healing power of Jesus, there is power in his name and cleansing power through his blood shed for us on Calvary.

I believe Satan uses our mindset to attempt to rob us of our peace and joy and all that the Holy Spirit longs to give us.

I believe Jesus is the same yesterday, today and for ever. Jesus was willing to heal complete strangers who simply had faith to believe, how much more does he want to heal and restore Christians today who know him as their personal saviour.

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