About Cancer

Research suggests that  emotional trauma following long periods of stress can cause Cancer and other serious illness.. These events are normally unforeseen for example an unexpected death of a loved one or a sudden breakdown in a marriage. Research tells us that radical changes in our blood cell count are seen at a very early stage of this process. proving that negative emotions do have a profound effect in the initial breakdown of our immune systems.

In ‘Molecules of Emotion’ by the renowned pharmacologist Candace Pert writes:-

“I believe all emotions are healthy, because emotions are what unite the mind and body. Anger, fear, and sadness the so-called negative emotions, are as healthy as peace, courage and joy. To repress these emotions and not let them flow freely is to set up a dis-integrity (breaking up) in the system, causing it to act at cross-purposes rather than as a unified whole. The stress this creates which takes the form of blockages and insufficient flow of peptide signals to maintain function at the cellular level, is what sets up the weakened conditions that can lead to disease”

So the simple act of repressing emotions, or keeping them inward can cause a weakness, which over time affects our immune system in triggering Cancer and other serious illnesses.

I believe that when we obey God in the way we live our lives and centre our thoughts, then the promises of God apply to not only our mental health but also our physical health.

Today Doctors are quick to diagnose and pronounce how long we have to live which in itself increases the fear we are already experiencing. God says “there is a time to be born and a time to die”, he has the ultimate say not a G.P.   It says in 1 John 4 vs 18  “perfect love casts out all fear”  God knows our minds are intertwined with our health and what we think truly does affect our health and well-being.




So Why Does God Allow Sickness?

Jesus’s central ministry was to heal the sick, we can read in Mark about the many healings documented. The bible tells us that the origins or roots of this sickness ranged from sin, demon possession and genetic defects. I believe today the causes are the same it is just the diseases that have changed. Cancer invading our internal cells replaces leprosy that invaded external flesh.

Jesus says he is the same as yesterday and will be the same forever. His healing power is still available to those who believe in the power of his name. Today in third world countries missionaries are witnessing a huge revival in healings and deliverance whereas in the Western world it is a completely different story.  As westerners are we losing sight of simplistic faith and becoming blinded by worldly reasoning, knowledge and intellect?

As a Christian Cognitive Therapist I believe in the power of prayer and understand that negative mindsets contribute to becoming unwell and need uncovering step by step. Often this needs to be done before any physical healing can take place.

If you have Cancer or any other serious illness and are struggling mentally and spiritually please do get in touch with me.